Next Generation Construction PM Platform

The last 10 years have brought forth countless software technology advances throughout the construction sector. The various implementations of technologies have provided great opportunities to minimize costs. However, there have also been some unintended negative consequences.

EXCLUSIVE. In many cases, the technologies implemented are highly specialized i.e. BIM, Accounting, Scheduling, satellite GPS etc. The application and implementation of these technologies are focused on small groups excluding the large majority of people and teams involved in projects. This issue is compounded when the vast majority technology is geared towards Project Managers and higher once again excluding the majority of people on a project. Too many platforms exclude involvement from team members on the ground, the source of critical data & knowledge of the project.

COMPLEX. The majority of platforms are complex, requiring high costs for training to fit their teams to the platform. This comes at great monetary costs, painful adjustments, and unfortunately, many companies go through these pains only to learn they do not improve their teams.

The majority of Construction PM Platforms mimic the traditional hierarchy set-up inheriting information bottlenecks. The vast majority of platforms are geared towards the upper management triangle excluding those who know the project intimately.

RIGID. Typical construction software solutions require users to operate and think a specific way. These interfaces are unintuitive and often teams sacrifice creativity in order to fit within the parameters of the platform.

Enter Devrah, a Next Generation Construction Collaboration Platform that is Inclusive, Simple, and Flexible.

INCLUSIVE. Devrah can be implemented at every level from the laborer to the CEO as a tool to organize, share, document work, and share information as fluid as a team wishes. The high number of API’s available in leading specialized software also means that specialized teams can easily disseminate information among all team members.

SIMPLE. The platform interface is based off a simple concept that is almost universal in understanding, a whiteboard with sticky notes. Users interact with the platform under the same principles and concepts of interacting with a physical whiteboard and sticky notes. Where columns are drawn up and writing information on sticky notes. Sticky notes can be moved from one area of the whiteboard to another. All these intuitive physical interactions are duplicate in the platform.

Next Generation Construction PM Platform
The Devrah Platform allows everyone to contribute to the knowledge pool of the project. Information can be transmitted from the top-down and from the bottom-up with ease. The high level of intuitive interface allows all team members to participate no matter how high or low their computer skill level.

FLEXIBLE. Devrah like a physical whiteboard and sticky notes can be organized to express endless processes and patterns. Therefore teams do not have to sacrifice creativity to fit into the platform, rather the platform fits whatever way teams wish to organize themselves individually, as a team, and track their tasks.

Devrah has completed work on the first web application and Android Mobile Application with the iOS Mobile Application in the final stages of completion. The expected launch date for Devrah is April 2018!

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